Things to do in the Dominican Republic: Top 10 Most Unforgettable Dominican Resort Activities

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable in other Caribbean locations. The Dominican Republic has a lot to do that you just can’t do elsewhere. And of course you can choose any holiday you like.

Here are the top 10 most unforgettable Dominican resort activities.

10. Sunbath

You are looking forward to sunbathing on any beach vacation and you can do it in Dominican too. The sun stays warm and outside all year round. Dominican weather forecasts can be deceptive. If the forecast is partly cloudy, expect the sun. If the forecast calls for rain, be prepared for rain and know that it will probably be sunny again in an hour.

9. Ocean swimming

The Dominican Republic is located on the east side of the island of Hispaniola. Its northern shore is in the Atlantic Ocean and its southern shore is in the Caribbean Sea. Many of the Dominican beaches are beautiful and easy to swim in. The surf is fun, but not rough.

8. Dance

Dancing in the Dominican Republic is the funniest thing. DR is the abode of two fun and easy Latin dances. Marengu and Bachta. Most resorts have dance guides and Latin-themed entertainment nights so you can hone your skills.

7. Learn Spanish

Dominican is a Spanish-speaking country. Although most of the resort staff speak English, you can also take advantage of the Spanish lessons offered as entertainment. Don’t expect to master the language on your vacation and you can learn a few phrases and have fun practicing country words.

6. Snorkel

The Dominican Republic, like many Caribbean destinations, is surrounded by beautiful sea habitats with natural and man-made reefs. Many independent organizations travel to snorkeling. These tours can show you the beautiful underwater world of the reefs.

5. Eat and drink

Eating is definitely something you expect from any vacation. And in Dominican, you can style it. Many resorts in the Caribbean are all-inclusive, a great choice for those who just want to relax and not want to think about prices. In Dominican, be sure to try local flavors like fried fish, fried conch and local desserts.

4. Gambling

Gambling is an activity that is common in some Caribbean locations and is one of the best in the Dominican Republic. In fact, many resorts have casinos on or near the resort grounds. If you are a fan of slot or table games then Dominican is a good choice. The atmosphere at the casinos in this country is friendly, open and fun.

3. Watch the show

Shows are common in Caribbean resorts, but Dominican shows are special because of their history and culture. In addition to the usual Vegas-style sights, the Dominican show features both traditional Dominican dance and elements of the modern-day Merengu and Bachata movements.

2. Travel to a city

A city trip is another great job for the Dominican Republic. Whether you’re exploring the capital Santo Domingo, or the beautiful cities of Panta Cana or Puerto Plata, you can get a unique taste of local culture and customs. Visit historical sites and admire the natural beauty of the country.

1. See the ocean world

A visit to the Ocean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata is a memorable one for the Dominican Republic. Park residents include tigers, turtles, exotic birds, sea lions, sharks and dolphins. Children and adults can enjoy the show and face the animals they will never forget.

Take in the unique aspects of the Dominican Republic as well as the activities of the Dominican Republic that you would like to do on a Caribbean vacation.


Clothing-free, worry-free vacation at Eden Bay Clothing-Ption Resort in the Dominican Republic

Eden Bay Clothing Resort in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean.

Any time is a good time to visit the Dominican Republic because it has a warm and generally sunny climate throughout the year. Some call the weather here “endless summer.” It’s just a paradise to explore – golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise ponds, mysterious lilac valleys, majestic tall mountains and amazingly friendly people. The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is the oldest city in the New World and rich in historical monuments, including the famous Columbus House.

The second largest city on the island is Puerto Plata, located on the north coast of the island and features the famous Amber Museum. Dominican amber is so popular around the world that the whole region has got the name “Amber Coast”.

Eden Bay is proud to be one of the gems of the Amber Coast. Eden Bay is located in the Playa Grande area near the world-class Robert Trent Jones Golf Course and is the only clothing-based resort in the whole country. The resort is spread over a 126-acre seaside beachfront area and makes it truly a garden of Eden, “putting your clothes and worries behind you” and just a place to enjoy life …

As you enter the gate of the resort and drive along our Avenue of Palms you are surrounded on both sides by tall coconut palms and colorful hibiscus feel ah, paradise. At the end of the avenue is the Eden House, a Spanish-style palace, located on a peak overlooking the sea. It hosts an open-air restaurant, beauty salon and spa, Fig Leaf boutique, media room, disco and service and travel desk. Just outside Eden House is a large farm-form pool with a swimming-bar, a hot tub and Eve’s pavilion, air-conditioned gym and brightly colored hotel building with spacious rooms, studios and one-bedroom apartments.

The wide white staircase takes you to the cove, where you will find four rows of luxurious villas in the shade of a gentle tropical grove. All accommodation has a patio or veranda from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Gulf of Eden and the Atlantic Ocean.

Eden Bay is known as the number one resort for nude entertainment for the first time. The caring staff, the comfortable environment and the friendship of your fellow nudists make it easy to spread all your clothes and enjoy this Eden garden as nature intended, clothing-free, worry-free. All your food, beverages, airport transfers and most resort activities are covered with an all-inclusive price. And if you don’t mind putting on your clothes, there are a lot of offers out there.

You can do it all or nothing because Eden Bay is “put your clothes and worries behind you!”


Sosua nightlife in the Dominican Republic

The average traveler doesn’t know much about Sosua nightlife. Most travelers to Sosua, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic will probably come to an all-inclusive resort and spend the week at the hotel sipping Pina Coladas.

And it may be the best option for the family on the way to Sasuya. But if you are a solo traveler and want to experience some unique and exciting nightlife I recommend you to spend a few nights in the city.

Day by day Sosua is a beautiful small beach town at night the lights go down, the bars open and the girls come to hang out S Most of the girls you will find in Sosua are “work girls”. But if you decide not to take part in that experience, you may still have a great time at night drinking, flirting and dancing.

The small town is full of many “beach bars”. Beach bars are basically small bars that have an open feeling to them. You can head to any one of these bars and grab the president for a few pesos and enjoy sitting down. At night you will probably be approached by some set of “working girls” but you can always be polite and send them away from here. You will probably end up chatting with them, dancing with them and having a really good time even though they are officially “working” they are not strictly business they are ordinary girls looking to have a lot of fun.

If you like the club scene more than the bar scene, you don’t want to miss Club X Club Club X billboards are all over Sosua. The club is of average size. It is dark and usually filled with people. This is a great place to dance at night. For those of you who have the energy to go through the night, the club is open at 4: 4 p.m.

There is also a casino in Sosua that is crowded after all the hours. Tables aren’t superior partners so if you’re in the mood to test your luck on roulette or black jackets, this is a good time to go and a good time.

For those of you who are going to Sosua, my advice is to rent a condo or villa instead of booking a week at a hotel.


Hotel Package Deal Information – Important Things to Consider for Finding an Affordable Hotel

Finding hotel accommodations does not have to be a time consuming or busy process. You should not spend more than a few minutes to compare prices and find the ideal hotel room or suite in your dream destination. You can look at what they have to offer and look for hotel package deals and which one is the best. Whether you’re looking for a last-minute deal, an all-inclusive resort, airfare and hotel package, or any other accommodation deal, you don’t have to worry about finding what you’re looking for – as long as you take advantage of the online discount travel site.

However, it is important that you take at least a minute to read the cancellation policy of any contract that you are interested in. You need to know that you will not run out of money if you suddenly cancel your plans.

It can help to read reviews on different hotels and see ratings from previous guests. While some reviews may be biased, it’s still important to know if there are any potential issues with the particular hotel. When searching for hotel package deals, you can filter results by number of stars, prices, number of reviews, location and more.

What should be considered with the hotel package deal

Another important thing to consider is the type of room. A deal may sound great but once you arrive at the hotel or inn you will see that the room is not what you expected. Even if you don’t pick, you must remember the old saying that you often get what you pay for. For this reason, the lowest rate may not be the best offer because it can be a cheap, dirty house.

Think about location. If this is the first trip to your destination, you will want to stay in a place that is easily accessible from the airport or bus station. Ideally, this should be close to wherever you want to go during your trip. Look on Google Maps to find out what kind of restaurants and stores are nearby. If you travel alone, look at the crime rate in that particular neighborhood.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when searching for hotel package deals. Make sure you get an idea of ​​what each deal includes and book on a legitimate site so you know you won’t be scammed. Use any online travel coupon to help you save extra money.

Where do you get online travel coupons? Use the top sites to help you find the best hotel package deals online. You can trust the offers to be all genuine. It’s easy to find the hotel room of your choice at any destination. Online discounts are best at hotels.


Top 10 Best Volcanic Island Holidays

10 Canary Islands Start our top 10 volcanic islands. This Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic in northwestern Africa is made up of many volcanoes and is one of the oldest islands in the world that was created purely by volcanic activity under the sea. Nowadays the canaries are among the most popular holiday islands in the world throughout the year, and especially for the winter sun ride, its black powdery beach has a steady stream of sun-loving holiday makers. The hot dry winter makes it an ideal vacation destination and we can be comforted by the fact that its volcanoes are currently inactive!

9 Fiji This beautiful volcanic island in the South Pacific Ocean is rich in exotic wildlife and rich marine life. One of the few advantages of being a volcanic destination, or in this case endangered volcano means the soil is amazingly fertile which provides a rich environment around it for Fiji. It is well known for diving but we do not have oxygen tanks behind us. There is so much to see in Fiji. There are plenty of coral walls outside the beach for an array of colorful reef fish and soft corals. Fiji Many of Fiji’s parks grow like the gardens of the sleeping giant in Nowsori or the wildlife of Kula Eco Park. Deep white coral reefs make Fiji one of our top 10 Vulcanic island vacation destinations.

8 Iceland We all know this volcano after the chaos of 2010, but can we pronounce it? Aizafzallajokul, which caused so much travel chaos, is just one of the many active volcanoes in Iceland. However, this dense volcanic island is still one of the best holiday destinations. The incredible scenery created by the volcanic features on top of Iceland is accompanied by dramatic glaciers overlooked by geothermal glaciers, steaming blue provinces, bubbling mud pools. Being the largest of our top 10 islands, it has the huge city of Reykjavik as its capital and is a great starting point to discover this fascinating island.

7 Dominica Surprised between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean, this heavenly little island is home to a number of volcanoes, with little chance of erupting in the next 100 years. Thanks to science we can be warned before the eruption so that we can happily explore this lush green island and enjoy its natural joy. Take a tour of Dominica’s boiling lakes and natural hot baths and soak up the waterfalls. Get a glimpse of the Dominican sea turtle at this great snorkeling destination.

. Reunion Island There are two volcanoes on this French island far away from the Indian Ocean, but the Python de Negez has left an interesting groove to be discovered. Reunion One of the most active volcanoes in the world, Piton de la Fornaes, has some spectacular sights around the volcano that surrounded the most recent eruption and kept the heat and smoke around. Not too far from Madagascar and Mauritius this tropical destination can be mentioned for its many waterfalls with waterfalls and springs on the high plateau of the island. An even better modern island in the Indian Ocean with good roads, beautiful French city and a back surfing environment. Some of the best surfs can be found in St. Liu and the glorious view of the deep blue Indian Ocean will make you steep when its steep heights rise or follow its many paths.

5 Cape Verde Islands The west coast of Africa is fast becoming a top vacation destination and making it into our top 5 of the best volcanic islands in the world. Traveling much less than the other islands in the top ten means you won’t find crowds yet, but soon they’ll be here! There are numerous volcanic locations around the ten islands, and the most active militants on the right are Phago Island, with volcanic eruptions in the mid-90s. You will find plenty of culture here, both African and Portuguese, and as it is a fairly new holiday destination you will find several new modern hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Both black volcanic sandy beaches and ancient white sandy beaches line the coast and one of its largest activities – windsurfing, is enriched on its waters. Cape Verde is an important habitat for laphead turtles and much is being done to protect this endangered species.

4 Montserrat This small island sits on top of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, just below St. Kitts and Nevis. The active volcano in the mountains of Sufria is south of the island and the recent eruptions mean that virtually the entire southern half of the island has been lava destroyed by its capital and many roads. The volcano that started in the nineties still survives a lot, but many tourists still go to see the rich green contrast of the northern part of the island outside the excluded area to see this incredible phenomenon of mother nature. You’ll still find plenty of hotels and gorgeous silver beaches set to drop behind this powerful giant caldera. Enjoy all the common amenities of the Caribbean Sea such as snorkeling, diving, boat trips around the island and its warm temperatures throughout the year.

3 Azores A group of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Atlantic, now dormant, it is a popular tourist destination. Although none of its volcanoes are active, it still offers some incredible sights like the Santiago Lagoon on the island of So Miguel. It is an ancient volcanic caldera and has a beautiful blue lake next to it. Filled with history, beautiful cities and scenic beaches, the weather here is very mild but changeable. Whale watching is one of its most popular tourist attractions, along with its famous jumping dolphins. The Azores Islands are often described as gardens as about 60 plants are completely unique to these islands.

2 sand Indonesia has made our second place in the top 10 volcanic island destinations, one of the world’s favorite holiday islands. Batu Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, lives here in the sand. In recent years it has seen a number of small outbreaks but it is one of the top tourist attractions here. If it is safe to do so, you can travel over the volcano in time to see the incredible sunrise and spectacular views of the surrounding Caldera. During the dry season from April to mid-September, tourists often flock to this tropical place due to the often bright skies, white beaches and inclement weather. Don’t stay away from the rainy season as it can sometimes be just an hour of tropical rain in the afternoon, and a slightly cooler temperature can be a refreshing change from a humid peak season.

And finally, the top spot goes there …

1 Hawaii The Pacific team has made the volcanic archipelago our No. 1 volcanic island destination. And so did it rank 1 in our top 10? Well we think it really has everything. The Big Island is located in Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Volcanic National Park in Hawaii It is one of the many volcanoes in Hawaii. But perhaps the most interesting reason is that you have been able to see the red hot lava flow across the park and cascading along the beach. Thousands of tons of lava have been created every day since the early 60’s and by increasing Hawaii’s land area and changing its landscape. Hawaii presents rainforests, deserts, incredible surf, exotic sea-life, romantic cosmetics, gorgeous hotels and something of interest for all age groups and travelers.


The difference between Halloween and Day of the Dead

Images of skulls, death, and spirits point to the same holiday, but these images do not object to the same feelings for these two very distinct appearances towards death. Although the two – Halloween and Dead of the Dead – are celebrated in the same season, there are some key differences between the two:

Day of the dead

Celebrated November 1st (Children) and November 2nd (Adults)

Represented by skulls and skeletons

Known for innocent communication with the spirits of the dead

Welcome the return of the friendly souls of the dead

Respects the life and death of ancestors, family and friends

Looking for Daddy’s Lady Aztec Festival

November 2nd is associated with Catholic Day of All Souls


Celebrated October 31st

Presented by Jack-O-Lantern (Carved Pumpkin)

Associated with evil, magic, monsters and camouflage

Spreading evil spirits with horrible clothes and masks

Indicates the end of summer and the beginning of winter

Growing from Celtic, Gaelic “Samhain” (late summer)

All Saints’ Day of Christianity is connected on 1st November

Renowned for its rich culture and traditions, Dia de los Murtos has become a popular destination in Mexico with people from all over the country celebrating the festival. Because of its uniqueness, it has been adopted by a large number of Hispanic populations in other Latin American countries and even in a few cities in the United States.

When traveling to Mexico or even abroad we present some ideas for celebrating Dia de los Murtos.

1. Enjoy “Pan de Murtos”: Exclusively ready for these dates, this sweet bread tastes orange flavored. It is only sold in late October and early November.

2. Check out the local markets: Trinkets and souvenirs created during the holidays give travelers the opportunity to purchase unique gifts for family or friends.

3. Visit the cemetery: Visit the local cemetery these days to get a closer look at what the traditional Tihya families do. This is a great opportunity for photographers to capture unique moments.

4. Look for Festivals: Although most Mexican family homes do not traditionally make traditional changes in their home, many cities and towns in Mexico (and some cities in the United States) will organize extraordinary and colorful parades, festivals and ceremonies to honor the dead.

5. Take pictures !: For art lovers and photographers, traveling around Mexico right now is a unique opportunity to capture unique moments and return to the country with thousands of amazing pictures.


Costa Rica Papagayo sailing with the wind

Papua New Guinea is known as the ubiquitous capital of Costa Rica. These resorts are located on the beach although a few of these resorts are within walking distance. Travelers come to this place to spend their holidays in Costa Rica. Tourists prefer the calm and warm waters found in the protected bay which are suitable for both snorkeling and swimming. Fishing in Papagayo, especially on the coast. Most of the resorts here offer online entertainment and motorless water supply which is perfect during summer. The northwestern Pacific country has a dry climate. The coastal region has constant rainfall temperatures from day 80s to lows in the 90s. The North Pacific surfs well all year round, according to Costa Rica Tourism at night in the 70s. The continuous Papagayo wind from the first of December to March creates the perfect ideal wave for surfing any level.

Costa Rican Summer is coming to an end Wind North Costa Rica feels consistent Papagayo winds from the northeast and east. Signs of Papagayo winds blowing in the north of Guanajuato indicate that fishing in the south would be better. These Papagayo winds are blowing strong winds in the Gulf of Papagayo in Costa Rica. It is a localized wind with clear local dry hot conditions that do not affect the coastline south of Tamarindo. The driving force of this wind is the Caribbean trade wind that has narrowed and entered the lowlands and the Pacific Ocean. These famous winds reduce fishing in northwestern Costa Rica, but anglers enjoy mackerel and small yellow-fin tuna. Papagayo winds will begin to blow in early December across the eastern Nicaraguan Lake toward the Pacific Ocean. This is an annual event and can last for about a month. What happens during this period is that the wind pushes the water to the bottom of the ocean and the upstream water does not have enough oxygen to support the sailor, but when the wind blows, the population becomes more concentrated in the southern and central parts of Costa Rica.

There is no other beautiful cruising ground in Central America passing through Marina Papagayo. There are plenty of offers for sailors like quietly gliding on the coastline under the power of the wind in the waters of the bay. Most tourists go on a Costa Rica adventure tour to experience the Papua New Guinea air that provides for fast boating. Papagayo winds are short-lived and are usually 12 to 16 feet long. Looks like you’re surfing. Some parts of the wave will slam into the boat and others will break into the boat. To travel safely with Papagayo winds, the boat should be properly arranged and tightened. Boating in this kind of situation can be the most interesting event in your life.


How To Create A Perfect App For A Travel Agency

Tourism is one of the far-reaching services – in every sense. It can be asked by any adult in the world. Numerous travel agencies offer a variety of services in their own way. If you run a business or run this type of business, you must have a complete website that brings detailed information about your services to the desktop web. But what will happen to mobile users?

No one should forget this. Any travel agency helps their clients plan and improve their travel through mobile. A simple website can be quite inconvenient for mobile devices; A mobile version of the website is essential for businesses without having to retrieve its content without any data loss but it cannot provide the experience provided by the mobile application. But what should be in a popular app, dedicated to the most popular recreational work?

Platform choice. No wonder Android and iOS are among the most obvious choices for any mobile app. Further it depends on the complexity and details of the project. There is a way to do cross-platform applications using PhoneGap. It lets you use the local capabilities of mobile platforms and create a hybrid app. For example, PhoneGap lets you include geolocation in your application. For more complex software products you need to create a native app for iOS, Android – or native applications for both of them.

The perfect app will be built based on the services you provide. This is what mobile users need. Customers must easily find what they are looking for. List of destinations, means of travel (flight, rail, cruise line, etc.), hotels and resorts, sightseeing travel and special offers, car rental and all necessary contact details – your services and information should be summarized to bring to your mobiles. The list is easy to navigate – which would be appreciated.

The application will depend on your specialization. For example, you provide special travel services for the honeymoon or you may specialize in business travel. Dedicate a part of the application to the sphere you are known for.

Details for any option. Think about what should be included – descriptions, pictures, prices, reviews. For the convenience of your client’s preferences, include filters and various categories to make it easier to find all-inclusive resort or hotel options tailored to personal preferences – food, entertainment activities, amenities.

Reservations. Here’s what we need after finding exactly what we want. Buying a flight ticket or a special tour, hotel reservation, etc. If there is a special event, offer, or emergency change such as flight delay, you will be able to notify your client instantly via push-notification.

Mobile apps are winners because of their ability to work offline. That means anywhere. Internet connection is of course necessary for information sharing, storage and secondary updates for sharing on social media. However, in case of emergency, some details related to the destination, date, pricing, storage, etc. need to be verified – all these can be stored in the application and run offline for the convenience of the user.

Includes a wide range of services for the environment of tourism and the entire travel industry. That’s why there may be more interesting features to implement, which must be the case with your weird business and the weird services you offer. But here you have read how a great app is presented to the user. Make your mobile app informative, recognized, convenient and, as a result, the most popular among people around the world.


Enjoying your all-inclusive holiday in Austria

Many tourists come to Austria every year and this number only increases during the holidays. Austria is a beautiful country with a rich history, a place to visit and many travelers dream of taking part in it. This, among many others, is also the reason why it is the most booked all-inclusive holiday deal. If you are looking for a country trip on holiday, you may want to include the following points in your itinerary.

Austrian skirting centers. Austria is considered the winter sports capital of Europe and it would be a shame not to taste it while you are in the country. Tyrol Hall, the skiing center at Sailfield, has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, but the beautiful landscape is fun for beginners and intermediate skiers. If you are looking for more difficult terrain, you should consider visiting the St. Anton M Skiing Resort in Earlberg – it is a famous destination for daredevil skiers due to its scenic beauty.

Austrian palaces and castles. No trip to Austria is complete without seeing at least two palaces. Complete This is part of most holiday packages. Known as the Austrian equivalent of Versailles, the Schবnbrunn Palace is a must-see. The Grand Palace has many attractions, including the Privy Garden, a labyrinth and labyrinth to complete the mysterious feel of the palace, and the ancient zoo, the oldest zoo in the world. If you enjoy the Schবnbrunn tour, you should also visit Harfberg Imperial Palace and Hohensalzburg Castle.

Austrian breathing approach. The panoramic views that abound in Austria are a must-see for every tourist during their stay. Country and mountain views are popular spots for sightseeing. If you’re ready for a bit of road travel, drive along the Glasgowkner Alpine Road to see Austria’s highest mountain. This is especially great in winter due to the original snow caps. A trip to the deserted villages of Austria is also a popular tourist activity and for this you need to see a baroque village hallstat in Salzcargut. The history of the village originally established it as a famous salt producer, and over the years, it simply made a settlement that seemed to take it out of the setting of a classic novel.

Bonus: If you want to go outside of Austria, you can do a lot. Austria is a landlocked country surrounded by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and other European countries. Traveling by land is very easy, and all-inclusive vacation agreements can be suitable for two-way travel. So, if your time and budget allow you, your outing is a must for any behavior.


6 best beaches in Turkey that you should never miss

Turkey has lots of wonderful beaches in the sun. To have a great vacation here you don’t necessarily have to be hyper popular and so be bound to all-inclusive resorts that are very crowded. Instead you can choose the beaches of Turkey that have been attracting visitors for a long time. Let’s take a look beyond the overly hiking beaches of Marmaris and Kusadasi resorts and explore other top places in Turkey for sunbathing, swimming or surfing.


Pantara is located in the Xanthos Valley. It has fine, white sand and a total length of 15 km. This makes it one of the longest Mediterranean beach strands. The entrance is quite crowded, but you can enjoy more solitude as you cross the northwestern region. The summer season has good waves for surfing but autumn and spring are ideal for swimmers.

Butterfly Valley

This scenic area, bordered by two long hills, hides a natural sandbag that can be reached by boat from Oldeniz. It is a wild place for trekkers and campers, inspired by modern development. If you are in Faralia, you can aim for spectacular rock formation.


Kabak is the name of a village located on Lysian Way. Tourists prefer its comfortable wooden huts and the general serenity of the place. The valley has picturesque forests, mountain bits of relief, and the beach is filled with gravel rather than sand. The landscape is very different from the usual sandy beaches in Turkey and is definitely interesting. The only downside is the large mosquito population


Located in Dalian, this is probably the best beach to bring to your kids. It is an all-encompassing place where huge crowds gather. Also, it is a place for turtles to nest. On this sandy beach you will frequently encounter turtle tracks, as these animals come ashore to lay their eggs. There is a waterlogged area beyond the beach which is covered by a rich wildlife.


Often photographed, the beach at Oliudeniz is a long sandy strap that leads to a great blue lake. In addition to the natural beauty of the region, the beach is also famous for its diversity and affordability. Para-sailing enthusiasts find the best place to practice is Oliudenes. They thrilled at the sight of the aircraft.


A well-known name to tourists, Bodram is the name given to the Tarukize coast. To the south of the Aegean Peninsula there are many resorts, including beautiful beaches that are all confined to the waters of the bright blue sea. In addition, Bodrum is a beautiful place of ancient history, with beautiful mountain views and Mediterranean flora. It is a preferred destination for wealthy visitors and thus a luxury region on the tourist map of Turkey.