Top 10 Best Volcanic Island Holidays

10 Canary Islands Start our top 10 volcanic islands. This Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic in northwestern Africa is made up of many volcanoes and is one of the oldest islands in the world that was created purely by volcanic activity under the sea. Nowadays the canaries are among the most popular holiday islands in the world throughout the year, and especially for the winter sun ride, its black powdery beach has a steady stream of sun-loving holiday makers. The hot dry winter makes it an ideal vacation destination and we can be comforted by the fact that its volcanoes are currently inactive!

9 Fiji This beautiful volcanic island in the South Pacific Ocean is rich in exotic wildlife and rich marine life. One of the few advantages of being a volcanic destination, or in this case endangered volcano means the soil is amazingly fertile which provides a rich environment around it for Fiji. It is well known for diving but we do not have oxygen tanks behind us. There is so much to see in Fiji. There are plenty of coral walls outside the beach for an array of colorful reef fish and soft corals. Fiji Many of Fiji’s parks grow like the gardens of the sleeping giant in Nowsori or the wildlife of Kula Eco Park. Deep white coral reefs make Fiji one of our top 10 Vulcanic island vacation destinations.

8 Iceland We all know this volcano after the chaos of 2010, but can we pronounce it? Aizafzallajokul, which caused so much travel chaos, is just one of the many active volcanoes in Iceland. However, this dense volcanic island is still one of the best holiday destinations. The incredible scenery created by the volcanic features on top of Iceland is accompanied by dramatic glaciers overlooked by geothermal glaciers, steaming blue provinces, bubbling mud pools. Being the largest of our top 10 islands, it has the huge city of Reykjavik as its capital and is a great starting point to discover this fascinating island.

7 Dominica Surprised between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean, this heavenly little island is home to a number of volcanoes, with little chance of erupting in the next 100 years. Thanks to science we can be warned before the eruption so that we can happily explore this lush green island and enjoy its natural joy. Take a tour of Dominica’s boiling lakes and natural hot baths and soak up the waterfalls. Get a glimpse of the Dominican sea turtle at this great snorkeling destination.

. Reunion Island There are two volcanoes on this French island far away from the Indian Ocean, but the Python de Negez has left an interesting groove to be discovered. Reunion One of the most active volcanoes in the world, Piton de la Fornaes, has some spectacular sights around the volcano that surrounded the most recent eruption and kept the heat and smoke around. Not too far from Madagascar and Mauritius this tropical destination can be mentioned for its many waterfalls with waterfalls and springs on the high plateau of the island. An even better modern island in the Indian Ocean with good roads, beautiful French city and a back surfing environment. Some of the best surfs can be found in St. Liu and the glorious view of the deep blue Indian Ocean will make you steep when its steep heights rise or follow its many paths.

5 Cape Verde Islands The west coast of Africa is fast becoming a top vacation destination and making it into our top 5 of the best volcanic islands in the world. Traveling much less than the other islands in the top ten means you won’t find crowds yet, but soon they’ll be here! There are numerous volcanic locations around the ten islands, and the most active militants on the right are Phago Island, with volcanic eruptions in the mid-90s. You will find plenty of culture here, both African and Portuguese, and as it is a fairly new holiday destination you will find several new modern hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Both black volcanic sandy beaches and ancient white sandy beaches line the coast and one of its largest activities – windsurfing, is enriched on its waters. Cape Verde is an important habitat for laphead turtles and much is being done to protect this endangered species.

4 Montserrat This small island sits on top of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, just below St. Kitts and Nevis. The active volcano in the mountains of Sufria is south of the island and the recent eruptions mean that virtually the entire southern half of the island has been lava destroyed by its capital and many roads. The volcano that started in the nineties still survives a lot, but many tourists still go to see the rich green contrast of the northern part of the island outside the excluded area to see this incredible phenomenon of mother nature. You’ll still find plenty of hotels and gorgeous silver beaches set to drop behind this powerful giant caldera. Enjoy all the common amenities of the Caribbean Sea such as snorkeling, diving, boat trips around the island and its warm temperatures throughout the year.

3 Azores A group of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Atlantic, now dormant, it is a popular tourist destination. Although none of its volcanoes are active, it still offers some incredible sights like the Santiago Lagoon on the island of So Miguel. It is an ancient volcanic caldera and has a beautiful blue lake next to it. Filled with history, beautiful cities and scenic beaches, the weather here is very mild but changeable. Whale watching is one of its most popular tourist attractions, along with its famous jumping dolphins. The Azores Islands are often described as gardens as about 60 plants are completely unique to these islands.

2 sand Indonesia has made our second place in the top 10 volcanic island destinations, one of the world’s favorite holiday islands. Batu Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, lives here in the sand. In recent years it has seen a number of small outbreaks but it is one of the top tourist attractions here. If it is safe to do so, you can travel over the volcano in time to see the incredible sunrise and spectacular views of the surrounding Caldera. During the dry season from April to mid-September, tourists often flock to this tropical place due to the often bright skies, white beaches and inclement weather. Don’t stay away from the rainy season as it can sometimes be just an hour of tropical rain in the afternoon, and a slightly cooler temperature can be a refreshing change from a humid peak season.

And finally, the top spot goes there …

1 Hawaii The Pacific team has made the volcanic archipelago our No. 1 volcanic island destination. And so did it rank 1 in our top 10? Well we think it really has everything. The Big Island is located in Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Volcanic National Park in Hawaii It is one of the many volcanoes in Hawaii. But perhaps the most interesting reason is that you have been able to see the red hot lava flow across the park and cascading along the beach. Thousands of tons of lava have been created every day since the early 60’s and by increasing Hawaii’s land area and changing its landscape. Hawaii presents rainforests, deserts, incredible surf, exotic sea-life, romantic cosmetics, gorgeous hotels and something of interest for all age groups and travelers.