6 best beaches in Turkey that you should never miss

Turkey has lots of wonderful beaches in the sun. To have a great vacation here you don’t necessarily have to be hyper popular and so be bound to all-inclusive resorts that are very crowded. Instead you can choose the beaches of Turkey that have been attracting visitors for a long time. Let’s take a look beyond the overly hiking beaches of Marmaris and Kusadasi resorts and explore other top places in Turkey for sunbathing, swimming or surfing.


Pantara is located in the Xanthos Valley. It has fine, white sand and a total length of 15 km. This makes it one of the longest Mediterranean beach strands. The entrance is quite crowded, but you can enjoy more solitude as you cross the northwestern region. The summer season has good waves for surfing but autumn and spring are ideal for swimmers.

Butterfly Valley

This scenic area, bordered by two long hills, hides a natural sandbag that can be reached by boat from Oldeniz. It is a wild place for trekkers and campers, inspired by modern development. If you are in Faralia, you can aim for spectacular rock formation.


Kabak is the name of a village located on Lysian Way. Tourists prefer its comfortable wooden huts and the general serenity of the place. The valley has picturesque forests, mountain bits of relief, and the beach is filled with gravel rather than sand. The landscape is very different from the usual sandy beaches in Turkey and is definitely interesting. The only downside is the large mosquito population


Located in Dalian, this is probably the best beach to bring to your kids. It is an all-encompassing place where huge crowds gather. Also, it is a place for turtles to nest. On this sandy beach you will frequently encounter turtle tracks, as these animals come ashore to lay their eggs. There is a waterlogged area beyond the beach which is covered by a rich wildlife.


Often photographed, the beach at Oliudeniz is a long sandy strap that leads to a great blue lake. In addition to the natural beauty of the region, the beach is also famous for its diversity and affordability. Para-sailing enthusiasts find the best place to practice is Oliudenes. They thrilled at the sight of the aircraft.


A well-known name to tourists, Bodram is the name given to the Tarukize coast. To the south of the Aegean Peninsula there are many resorts, including beautiful beaches that are all confined to the waters of the bright blue sea. In addition, Bodrum is a beautiful place of ancient history, with beautiful mountain views and Mediterranean flora. It is a preferred destination for wealthy visitors and thus a luxury region on the tourist map of Turkey.