Cancun Hotel: Golden Parnassus Cancun

The adult environment of Golden Parnassus Cancun will not only awaken your senses but calm every one of your nerves as you consider yourself one of the most luxurious all inclusive Cancun resorts available. With a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and a friendly and up-beat environment, the Golden Parnassus Resort and Spa is easily a vacation you will never forget.

Rooms with a contemporary touch and pizza splash will simply be the icing of the cake with this great resort. There are 3 rooms to choose from club room, deluxe, or deluxe sea view; This is not a debate over dollar numbers, it is a debate over which is better; Each type of room has its own unique twist that will make it more internally logical then a wallet tester.

One of the attractions of Golden Parnassus Resort & Spar is its great all-inclusive package; The Caribbean provides every meal in the sun, unlimited drinks [need I say: non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks alike], All non-motorized water sports, regular recreation, a full tennis court, gym and other activities. Enjoy the most unique mini-golf experience of your life or watch their seemingly thrilling show Caribbean style or learn meditation techniques to wrap up in many massage packages to choose from a touch of culture.

And as you walk through the evening at the Golden Parnassus, see Tiki. When you are living in the peace of giant pools, Tiki will protect you from thirst as the sun recedes. After your day of rest (or excitement) you will taste heaven, Shangri-La, or the Golden Parnassus Resort & Spa that any other great restaurant has to offer