Tulum Beach – How to get there

As the beaches go by you can’t help but be fascinated by the stretch of Tulul beach, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea slowly pped

Kulkan Beach has yet to be damaged by all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and Rivera Maya, instead it is lined by cabana and beach clubs where the rustic still has a glamorous charm. As you descend to Tulum Beach you can stop at beach clubs and grab a bite to drink or eat and enjoy a return to nature.

You can get access to Tululam Beach through several points. The first place of access to it is the Tulam Mayan ruins. You can park in the ruins for about 4 4, then go to the beach. Basically you follow the road to the ruins and then cross the southern boundary and you go to the beach.

In addition to the original Tulum Hotel Zone, you can find other places to access Tulum Beach. This is where all the Cabana hotels are located. Finding a park somewhere can be a problem but you can only go to the beach when you have it. We often walk through a hotel and stop for a drink at the beach club.

Tulam Beach is public, there are no private beaches in the area, but access is sometimes blocked by hotels or residential properties. Don’t mind if most of the small cabanas in the tulle jump to reach your beach, especially if you stop to eat or drink something.

For the more adventurous person there are beaches around Tulul that can be accessed through the jungle and you will find yourself completely alone, but I suggest that if you don’t know the area you need to stay on the beach by Cabana they are Cancun or There has never been a preoccupation like Playa del Carmen.

If you live in or around Tululam Beach, you will definitely not regret it.