Enjoy your stay in Jamaica: Jamaica Travel Guide

Jamaica above all offers beautiful water features. A visit to Jamaica from the beaches surrounding the island to the waterfalls of Ocho Rios is like a trip to heaven.

* Alligator Pond – Fishing area for local habitat

* Falmoth – Many resorts

* Kingston – Capital

* Blue Lagoon – beautiful water surrounded by tropical forests

* Negril Beach – A popular beach for tourists

* Right River Falls – Gorgeous water falls in Oko Rios

When to watch

There really isn’t a bad time visiting Jamaica. Anytime you plan a trip to Jamaica you will be greeted with catastrophic weather in the 70s and 80s. Warm tropical forests can certainly get some rain, but most of the rain falls on more hills on the island which is not frequented by tourists. If it rains on the part of the island where you are planning your trip to Jamaica, you can be sure that it will only last an hour or more and then disappear. Occasionally hurricanes hit but rarely. If you are worried about a hurricane, do not plan your trip between August and October. The winter months in the United States are seen as the busiest months for tourists as vacationers try to escape the cold and snow. If you don’t want to travel to Jamaica in the peak season, plan your vacation in the summer months.


All-inclusive resorts are the best hotel options when traveling to Jamaica. These resorts are highly recommended because you will have a variety of food to choose from and your trips may be included. These resorts can be found in Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and other beach tourist areas. Sandals and couples provide Jamaica’s largest resort amenities and Jamaica hotel rooms perfectly. If you want to stay in Kingston, you are more likely to stay in a Jamaican hotel. Jamaican hotels are especially suitable for American luxury travelers. Jamaicans really know how to make a tourist happy.


Jamaican restaurants rent enjoyable islands. Jamaica is famous for its jerky chicken whose smell will make you salivate and the taste will melt in your mouth. Be sure to order a rum drink at Jamaican restaurants. The rum available on this island is among the best in the world. Also, save the house for dessert and for at least one day during your Jamaica trip, opt for plants. Like fruits these bananas are served fried and saturated with sugar. Don’t bring your diet to a Jamaican restaurant!

If you want to stay at a resort, your property will have a selection of Jamaican restaurants. But don’t be afraid to continue the resort to visit other restaurants. You are unlikely to face much of the “local, local” rent because of the tendency of residents in the interior of Jamaica. But you will find Jamaican restaurants for the most discerning traveler to eat.

Which must be done

Activities must be done to get around the water in Jamaica. You get to do a lot of things in the ocean. Of course sunbathing on the beach is a popular activity. Negril’s Mile Mile beach is world famous and one of the great areas of the Caribbean. You can enjoy sunset cruises, go snorkeling, jet skiing, rent a kayak and much more. In Negro you can lean your claim to a beautiful edge of Jamaican beach by renting a private boat and rows across the water on your private island.

If you feel the need to take a break from the sun, head for the River Falls on the right. Here you will walk on the way to many waterfalls. The path is full of beautiful native plants like a shady environment like the forest and the animals in the park like sorting.

Although traveling to Jamaica is not known to be an educational one, if you can collect a collection that you decide to visit in the country’s capital, Kingston, you may be hit. When many people think of Jamaica, they think of reggae music and Bob Marley. If you want to know something about this side of the island, visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.