Swim with all your included Bahamas vacation sharks

Caring to swim with sharks on all your included Bahamas vacation? While the sight of a dorsal fin near the sea usually crawling over your skin, seeing sharks in their environment under the waves makes you realize how extraordinarily compassionate these animals are and how suitable they are for their environment fit a special shark dive Provides (but in reality thousands of dives have never been attacked by sharks yet). Unixo dive operators in the Grand Bahamas take you fifty feet below the sand dunes, with armed guards. The divers are on their knees, with their arms folded into pieces (since the stray hands resemble fish, so they should be held close to the body). A feeder comes out, equipped with chain mail and some zombie-like wood shaking; And the sharks responded immediately. The six- to nine-foot-long Caribbean reef shark begins to orbit the feeder in anticipation of food, sometimes impatiently embracing him. The feeder grabs and hugs them – the scene is rather gentle in reality.

The Shark Dive at Walker K, near all the included beach resorts in the Abacus Islands, gives you an education in diving as well as charcoal. Sharks competitively set 120 sets around their bodies on three wings. The teeth of sharks are in a carrier belt: new teeth come out as soon as the old ones are closed. The shark’s uterus contains hundreds of eggs, many of which are undeveloped, so those that are in the womb eat undeveloped eggs. In addition, sharks demonstrate intelligent, ability to communicate with other sharks and long-term memory (such as remembering after six months which colored button they should sniff for food).

The divers first come down to Walker’s Kaya, then the frozen kiss in a bucket is the teacher at the bottom. Hundreds of blacktips, nurses and Caribbean reef shark cruises have entered. Divers have been warned to stay out of the competition area (15 feet of food), but ethicists can swim among sharks elsewhere even by touching them (sharks don’t seem to mind – although caution applies to fish-like hand gestures). The feature I witnessed was the cheap all-inclusive dive hall fishing sharks and playing with them when a shark took off its mask. He quickly put the feeding tube down and refilled his mask with air, and a stingray in the south took the opportunity to use his massive suction force to get down to the feeding tube.

Suddenly there was a frenzy of fins about the feeder, who was still able to return to peace. Then another big shark left the original pack and came straight to me. As I try to hide my alarm, it continues to hover like a spacecraft with a lazy underlying space. Slowly the eight-foot shark went through a few inches of my head, a sharp tug, a diabetic smile, through the petiole wings – and then, for my immense comfort, the slowly switching tail. This is how I learned that skin can also crawl in the bottom water.