Learn about the major islands of Hawaii

Hawaii is a relaxing one for those with attractive natural beauty. Not only is it perfect for family or private holidays, it is also the perfect honeymoon destination.

Since Hawaii is made up of several islands, visiting this state means you can choose which island you want to visit. It’s not easy because every island has equally beautiful yet unique attractions. To help you choose which island to visit, you should know what each of them has to offer. There are six enchanted islands of Hawaii you can choose for your honeymoon; Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Malokai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii. All of these islands are full of luxurious five-star hotels and resorts that offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages for your convenience.

The island of Maui is famous for its Pacific beaches, exciting deserts and extraordinary resorts. The island’s main tourist attractions include Lahina Town, Holy Kanapali, and the Iowa Valley in western Maui; Kapalua and Kahakuloa Town in North Maui; Hana Highway and Hana Town in East Maui; Wilia and Makena in South Maui; And Halekala Center in Central Maui.

Oahu is known for its water-related attractions as well as its outstanding cultural heritage. You can find many interesting tourist attractions such as Waikiki and Honolulu beaches, the famous Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial, the Sea Life Park and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Kauai, on the other hand, is perfect for couples who love outdoor activities as the island offers many natural attractions such as natural white beaches and challenging outings such as hiking, mountain biking, gliding, kayaking and fishing in beautiful places. Beautiful that many Hollywood movies have been shot here.

If you want a more private honeymoon vacation, Molokai is the perfect place to visit. The island is much more prudent than the other islands of Hawaii and yet it is equally beautiful in interesting places.

Many people say that visiting Lanai is like visiting your own private island. The island has stunning landscapes, cultural attractions, as well as five-star hotels and resorts.

Big Island Hawaii offers amazing views that you can’t see anywhere else. The rare landscapes you see on the island include the Kilauea Crater, the most active volcano in the world, the black sand beaches that are the result of volcanic activity, and the rare green sand beaches in Kalat.