You love Costa Rica

What is this country in Central America all about!

We flew to Jetlu from the capital city of San Jose, Fleet Lauderdale (a great airline on the way).

One night was spent at the Carrie Doubletree Hotel, then Costa Rica went to the state of Guanachet on the northwestern Pacific coast. The drive takes about 4 hours depending on the pit stop (not too much for us, for some reason the girls crowded to go to the resort). There are many, many options for side travel on this ride. I regret now, in the dark that we didn’t take a few .. like volcanoes and / or cloud forests.

The road from San Jose to Liberia (the town we hung sharp left to reach the coast and the resort) is part of the Pan American Highway. As you can see from the picture, the Costa Rican government is rapidly expanding it to a four-lane freeway. The expected completion time is about two years. This improvement will reduce the drive time between San Jose and Guanacaste by an hour or more. (The existing two lane road is in good condition. It slows down the traffic))

The next five days and nights we had the luxury of a little double bungalow at the Hilton Papagayo All-Inclusive Resort in Papagayo Bay.

We shared the other side of our unit with our daughter and friend. Our mountain location proved to be perfect for access to the resort’s “adults only” section – and the area featuring a spa, a pool, dining area and beach.

The fields (and trees) surrounding our bungalow we shared with some very large but friendly iguanas and holler monkeys. A quick note about monkeys: embarrassing but they are very curious. On our front porch or on the beach – we were warned not to give up anything that might be of interest to them. Looks like the little devils have a habit – like towels, cameras, clothes, etc. – come back to the trees with them. Then, once their curiosity is satisfied, they leave the objects there. So, if you don’t want to find your belongings on the tripod when you come back, it’s best to keep them indoors or guard them.

All non-motorized water sports are included in the Hilton Papagayo. Jet skis and deep sea fishing are extra, but reasonably priced. Newly engaged Johnny and Cameron caught a half-dozen grocers during a morning out, all of which were cleaned, cooked and served for lunch by the resort chef within an hour of landing. Talk about fresh!

Small trucks – actually golf carts on steroids – regularly ply the way to the resort, giving guests a ride between the various attractions of the bungalow and property. We found walking well as a great way to exercise some great food! As you can go to the eating area from my shadow, I got tall and skinny.

We encounter some embarrassing holler monkeys at a zoo located at the base of the zip line facility. One of the roommates on Savvy’s shoulder felt perfect.

One afternoon the resort’s spa staff hosted the beach side dock for the couple … It was a concoction made of honey, of course a ground coffee bean and some kind of moisturizer. Iguan and I chose that small event.

Did I mention the food? Great! Choose from plenty of fresh seafood and a variety of alternative restaurants .. no extra cost discounts.

The zip line was much different than we expected. We have the experience of walking eleven times a day on the top of a forest tree without going down alone from a tower or a cliff to the ground. Once climbed to the top of the tree, it was thrilling to travel from station to station without returning to Earth once … until the last zip line landed at our ‘Terra Pharma’ about an hour later.

We enjoyed an audience of different ‘critics’ when we were attacking their advanced domains.

Monkeys fast! While taking pictures, one of our party came a little closer. One of the little bugs in the gap between his eyes grabbed his sunglasses. An instructor had to rescue them.

Costa Rica is truly a paradise for nature lovers. And the Hilton Papagayo is particularly appealing, all-encompassing and reasonably priced. Go here to see this property rate.