Sugar mummies depict female sex tourism at a Jamaica All Innocence resort

A controversial drama that recently opened in the West End of London explores the subject of Jamaican sex tourism which attracts a swarm of lonely women in search of flirtations with young black men. Are these sex holidays incredible or merely innocent romantic vacations? London’s Royal Court Theater – playwright Tanika Gupta is often the center of controversy Sugar mummy, Starring Lenda Bellingham, is one of four middle-aged women who came to Jamaica to try male prostitutes. And, the play contains sex oddles and oddles. Even before Sugar mummy It sparked heated debate about female sex travel: is it innocent fun – a mutually beneficial business transaction? Or, is it an exploitative rank – and if so, by whom and by whom? Are the victims women who believe in the declaration of true love; Or the suffering poor, unemployed youth who make them? Why should female sex tourism be viewed in a different light than male sex tourism, which is often referred to as outspoken male chauvinist piggy? And does Sugar mummy Settle a racist story of hypersexual black men?

The play takes place against the backdrop of an all-inclusive resort on Negril Beach in Jamgarika, where protagonist Leroy explains that it is an easy and fun way for Gigolo to make money; And for women, it’s something of a “really good love.” English women who come to Negril complain that the men who return home are cool, selfish, imperfect, and mechanical; gigolos know how to make good women. Looks like millionaires. Gigolos don’t charge a fixed price – they’re not actually prostitutes. A spontaneously agreed, but reciprocal, deception that underlies the client-Gigolo relationship. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and she’s madly in love with him.

Sugar mummy Two 22-year-old Gigolos opens up, Leroy and Sean, who see forty-two types of white women who have just arrived. Leroy warned them against the Zaracans, who would try to trouble them and snatch them away. Apparently concerned for the women’s well-being, she and Shawn offer to show up around them and take care of them. The women protested that they were so old, but Leroy replied, “You’re ageless. Real men in Jamaica want cats – not kittens. Mature, beautiful women like you.” Men are funny and very admirable; And women are great in the character of Langa Bellingham Maggie, who is a tragic, broken woman who is a habitual adult leisure sex tourist sex playwright who secretly explained that her purpose was to find out why these women Feel so eroded that they must pay for confirmation. Humor erupts because sad, middle-aged women believe that beautiful, twenty-year-old men have truly fallen in love with them at first sight. Sugar mummy Smoky, steamy and very funny.