You must buy one "All included" Cancun vacation?

One of the things that people like to do when traveling to a destination like Cancun is to get an “all inclusive” package. These are packages that give you access to some luxury resorts and give you every meal and in some cases drinks included in the price. In some cases some tours may be included depending on the package but are you going to one of those packages? The answer is that it depends on how you travel. This can be a great job if you plan to spend all your time at resorts and beaches, but probably not so much if you want to explore the surrounding areas of Cancun.

There is a lot to do

While the beaches of Cancun are amazing and valuable to travel, you will miss a lot if you are only at the resort. Chances are you want to go to Tarulam, Chichen Itza, Kozumel, Isla Mujeres, Isla Hallbox and other places. If you’re in the area for 5 to 7 days, that means most of your time will be away from the resort, so buying an “all-inclusive” package may not be such a big deal. It is advisable to visit places when you are in the area so keep this in mind.

Food is cheap

All the included resorts in Cancun can give you great food (and to be successful without having to eat everything in it) you should also try traditional Mexican food. The food at Cancun Resort is delicious but it is made for the taste of tourists. You can try dining outside the resort in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other areas. The good news is that the Comida Corida restaurant can have great, very satisfying meals for less than 5 5. These restaurants serve very traditional Mexican food the way locals and many tourists like it.

The dollar goes away

Just like in the case of food, you will see that your dollars can go too high. A dollar usually lasts about 12 pesos and a few years. When you exchange your dollars or euros you will find that if you take advantage of all the included vacations you can buy a lot of things for a lot less money than you do. Here you have to think of advantages versus flexibility.


All-inclusive packages are by far the most convenient option, but you can be the one who likes to explore and be flexible during your vacation. Before you make a purchase you should ask yourself what kind of traveler you are. If you think it’s all planned out for you, you should be “all-inclusive”, but if you prefer to explore and make your own plan, your airfare and hotel should enjoy your Cancun vacation.