Bohemian fashion journey


Boho Fashion soft and smooth textured coat with a maxi-& # 39 is the perfect sun bed, but sumptuous and necessary part of your wardrobe. Wear alone as a maxi dress or paired with skinny jeans with a wide belt or shelving and jazz with a ton of accidents beads, recycled sari-coat comfortable and perfect for relaxing at home, at parties in the pool as a hostess gown or a beach cover. Flower shape has wide kimono sleeves and an exotic blend of abstract and floral prints.
Walk on the beach barefoot in his coat, the wind that blows on the edges, and breccia water at your feet, connecting through the sand and zazyamlyayuchysya with Mother Nature, the ancient practice, which rejuvenates your body and proves that makes you more healthy. Hippies and Gypsies, and their love for all things natural, from food to clothing, ages walked the earth with bare feet, and the ground – this is a new need.

You select in the sand all the negative ions and free radicals, your body and positively charged ions of the earth. What’s better than recycled sari dress-coat and organic cotton fleshy pants for beach yoga.
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Your valuable coat was designed to effortlessly move you from the beach to the bar, and every one of our embroidered caftan tells about summer field and chrysanthemum with a collage of colors and vivid images. For glamorous travelers our digital printed viscose coats work just fine from the heavenly Tulum Amalfiyskaga to glorious coast. Whether it’s a laid-back beach coat of cotton voile to greatly embellish the maxi-coat, to make your own style of boho-fashionista.
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Colorful and mystical prints greeting skirts with high sari wearing thin schlock create style boho. Stylish skirt shows your feet and at the same time randomly yearns for the infinite expanses of sandy beaches which merge into the dazzling blue water. A fragment of a free spirit goes hand in hand with a naughty and fun nightlife. Boho chic fashion never goes out of style.
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Click on the extravagant beach clubs in multi-colored decorated coat or lounge on his yacht in continuous caftan dresses that sparkle sun, underlining your silhouette.
Glamor Santoryni pabyalenymi with forks and roofs Indigo, old carnival skirts maxi – favorite with the tops of the hook, each of which is formed in the style of ethics. Gypsy loose dresses, bright colors and ethical clothing bohemian traveler – a style that never goes out of fashion.
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